Virtual Class - In Ring Performance

In this 2-hour class we unravel Professional Wrestling performances by reviewing live & recorded matches or segments as a group.

We objectively dissecting each section to uncover the tools and techniques used to communicate that performances desired outcome to an audience.

As a result achieving shared learnings to take away and apply to any performance we may be involved in.

– In Ring Performance (Overview)
All group performances are built by developing a shared understanding of the sense of purpose for that performance. The tools and techniques used to communicate this purpose define how and what is done to lead an audience to that desired outcome.

– In Ring Performance (Why?)
To define the intended purpose of any performance and understand all unique or consistent patterns, techniques, tools or movements used to achieve that outcome.

– In Ring Performance (How?)
Looking at the performance objectively as both a student and a fan thanking into account any opinions of the group in order to view it on it’s own unique merit with an open mind to all aspects of the performance.

– In Ring Performance (What?)
To apply any learnings gained from this detailed, open & collaborative observation to any situations in which you are taking part in constructing, acting out or reviewing your own personal performances.