Promo and Character Development Trainer
KrackerJak: Promo and Character Development Trainer

KrackerJak has been working in the wrestling industry since 1999 as a wrestler, booker and trainer of up and coming talent.

Wrestling all over Australia, as well as Japan and the United Kingdom, Krackers made a name for himself fusing a style of comedic crowd-pleasing with spectacular violence.

For many years the go-to opponent when international wrestlers competed on Australian shores, KrackerJak has faced everyone from former WWE Superstars, ECW alumni and feared indie legends.

Since ending his in-ring career, Krackers is dedicated to passing on his mastery of promos, character work and video content to the next generation of Australian wrestlers.

KrackerJak works with MCW Academy students each week to help build their character and promo ability.

  • KrackerJak has been in the wrestling industry since 1999
  • Wrestler, booker and trainer
  • Tours in Japan and United Kingdom
  • Regularly wrestled former WWE Superstars, ECW Alumni and feared Indie Legend
  • Was an active member of the MCW roster up until his forced retirement